WHEN I THINK ABOUT THE POINTS OF CONNECTION & DISJUNCT between literature and film — which I do every day — it often comes down to the differences in the feelings I remember from BROADSIDE BOOKSHOP and PLEASANT ST. VIDEO in downtown Northampton. I spent a lot of my growing up time in these two stores. Both were temples for me, more so than any other locations except for my house and HAYMARKET CAFE.

BROADSIDE BOOKSHOP I think of as bright, clean, crisp, new, the covers of the books glossy and smooth … a morning place, smelling of coffee and soap. This is still the feeling I have about literature.


PLEASANT ST. VIDEO, on the other hand, was dim, dank, an evening place, smelling of beer, sweat, even semen … especially with the supposed locked porn room behind the CULT section in the very back of the basement … and all the boxes in the FOREIGN section with their naked bodies and vibrant wounds, their illicit R or even NC-17 ratings … this is still the feeling I have about film.


Now I’m searching for a way, in my own work, to unify these feelings, because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to settle on one or the other.


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